The Daily Life of an Urban London Fox

Have you ever wondered about foxes? If so, then you are not alone. In fact, getting rid of foxes is a big topic amongst London inhabitants, as foxes are commonly seen as pests. It’s understandable, really, as there is an estimated 20 foxes per square mile in many urban areas. This is because a fox has an easier time fending for himself when he has an ease of life in town. Here are some facts about foxes.

Firstly, foxes are popular in London because they get most of their diet from the rubbish that we put out on the kerb each week. They have their pickings of food, so they rob the bins and find their food this way. Additionally, there are plenty of places for foxes to live and hide in the city. They tend to breed and hide under decks or sheds. If you are interested in London fox control, make sure you keep these areas on your property well lit and wired shut to keep the pests out.

Remember that it is illegal to kill or poison a fox. If you hit one with a car by accident, this is not included, of course. If you have a fox living in your garden, you can lay a trap for it, and then call a professional company to come and pick it up once you’ve trapped it. Foxes act similarly to cats, so keep that in mind when looking to do some of your own fox pest control in London. This means that they sleep alone and in hard-to-reach places, so put your traps for the fox in those spots where cats often frequent.

Remember that foxes are excellent scavengers, so keep your rubbish tightly sealed and protected and deter a fox away if you see one scratching at it. Foxes love berries, so try not to plant too many of them in your garden, or you will have foxes nearby no matter how tightly you shut up your bins. Foxes are cunning and persistent – like cats – so they will not be easily deterred. Getting rid of foxes all together is hard to do, as they are transient, but do your best to make them aware that there is no food or option for a burrow near your home, and they’ll be on their way soon enough. After all, in London there are plenty of other houses to investigate.

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