Terrier Dogs Make The Best Rat Catchers, But Why?

You’ve heard of all kinds of methods in taking care of the pests in your house, but are you ready for one that is going to make you smile – and then say “Wait, really?” One surprising answer to rat pest control is a terrier dog. They make excellent rat catchers and are much more interesting to learn about than some pesticide or another, right? If you are a dog lover or someone who wants to find a natural way to deal with pests, this could be it!

Terriers, while pampered pooches in today’s day and age, were originally bred to be hunting dogs. They are energetic in temperament and need a lot of exercise. They also make great hunters in your home because of their energy and excellent sense of smell, which will allow them to sniff out the rat and get rid of it before you even notice its presence yourself.

Rat catching is as simple for a terrier dog as playing a game. To them, hunting the rat is, actually, a game. They love to dig and sniff and find the source of the smell. Unlike a cat, they won’t simply bat at it, look at you in disdain, and leave the half-alive carcass for you to deal with. A terrier dog will immediately kill the rat for you and, if you want, you can even train the dog to put the rat in a specific area so that you don’t have to deal with it!

In short, terriers are incredible, smart and energetic dogs who love a challenge and movement. Rat chasing is something that really appeals to them and allows them to get back to their original roots of being a hunting dog. You may think that a dog will eventually get tired of chasing rats and no longer do it, but a terrier will go way beyond your own limits, chasing rats in his sleep if he has to!

While this is certainly not a traditional method of pest control, it can present a unique solution to how to get rid of rats that also allows you to bring home that adorable puppy you’ve had your eye on for a couple weeks. Rescue dogs make great adoptees, and terriers are available in all sorts of locations close by. You should consider it!

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