Pests That Eat Other Pests

Pest control is something that Londoners are always looking to improve on. Even though we do our best to keep our rubbish out of the house, our food tightly sealed to turn pests away, and our floors and corners clean and cool, pests still end up in the house. So, how can we control pests even when doing all of that? The answer is “more pests!”. No, seriously? Sometimes we can do pest control simply by bringing in pests that eat other pests. Now, stay with me on this…

Spiders are a great example of this. Yes, they’re nasty, and you would rather not see them in your home, but they are great pest control. They capture other pests in their webs and eat them so that you don’t have as many in your house. It sounds gross and far from ideal, but spiders help take care of insects in our homes. Most people are inclined to step on them, but try to move them to an area that you know is full of pests instead. Odds are, they are looking for more food anyway, so you’ll be doing them a favour.

Another example of pests that eat other pests are ladybirds and lacewings. They are great at devouring aphids in your garden. They are most effective in the larvae stage because they tend not to fly away (and leave your garden full of pests), and they are also quite pretty to look at. So, next time you see a ladybird or lacewing, consider leaving it where it is. They’ll do a great job of garden pest control for you!

These are three pests that enjoy eating other pests, so if you’re looking for a chemical-free way to get rid of the creatures in your home, consider these for your Spring routine. They’ll get a good meal, and you’ll be able to enjoy a home and garden that are free from those bothersome pests and insects that make you want to tear your hair out. You will see good results.

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