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At Imperial Pest Control London Services we provide services specific to the need of each pest control case for both commercial and residential clients in London Essex, Hertfordshire, Surrey, Middlesex and Kent. Our range of treatments and services starts from one-off pest control treatments to the continuation of maintenance of pest control through contracts. We can provide our services to help exterminate and prevent any pests, including: bed bugs, ants, cockroaches, wasps, bees, moths, fleas, rats, mice, squirrels and many others. Imperial Pest Control technicians will record every visit made to ensure that the details of each case is up to date with what is found, what treatment is recommended, advice given to the client and what treatment was carried out. We will always ensure professional and efficient pest extermination at Imperial Pest Control in London Essex, Hertfordshire, Surrey, Middlesex and Kent.

Property Management
Imperial Pest Control will help you to manage pest control at your property that you manage, whether that is a residential building, retail space or an office. We will provide friendly and safe quality pest control for you and your tenants.

Our services are important for your warehouse or storage space as it keeps your stock free from pests that will cause damage to it. At Imperial Pest Control, our treatments will be carried out to ensure no or minimal damage to your stock and prevention of any returning pests.

Restaurants/Bars/Pubs/Food Retail/Food Processingrrr
Keeping food preparation areas clear of pests like flies, rodents, cockroaches, is of up most importance to you to ensure your business passes Health and Safety Inspections and keeps your customers healthy and satisfied. Imperial Pest Control can help to ensure that pests are kept under control with quality services.

Hospitals/Nursing Homes/Medical Centres
Pests can cause uncomforting environments to live in and help with the spread of importance. One such pest is the bed bug which we can eradicate in large buildings with many beds. Imperial Pest Control can also provide other treatment services for other pests in medical buildings around London, Essex, Hertfordshire,Surrey, Middlesex andKent.

Places of Education
To ensure safety of children and students Imperial Pest Control technicians will use lockable bait stations to help with the control of pests. We will always provide a safe service.

As a place of work an office needs to have a good atmosphere to ensure that workers have high morale to keep production levels high and controlling pests contributes to keeping a good atmosphere. Imperial Pest Control can help get rid of pests in offices in London,Essex, Hertfordshire,Surrey, Middlesex and Kent.

At Imperial Pest Control we have a 24hour call out service so you can get in contact with us immediately to stop those annoying and sometimes harmful pests that are providing a negative impact on you and your home. We will always ensure a friendly and reliable quality service to everyone to help the pest control treatments run smoothly for you.

Imperial Pest Control contract services are tailor made for each client and their individual situation. Our technicians do this by completing a full inspection and survey of your property and only once we have all the facts and analyse them we will then consult with you to provide you with a contract specific for your property and its needs.

Imperial Pest Control covers London, Essex,

Hertfordshire, Surrey, Middlesex and Kent.