Moth Control London / Moth Removal LondonMoths can cause damage and annoyance and so at Imperial Moth Control London we will remove your moth problem in London, Essex, Hertfordshire, Surrey, Middlesex and Kent professionally and efficiently from your residential or business properties. Our moth eradication in London treatment service is exhaustive and our moth exterminator team are friendly and well trained to ensure that your moth problem in London, Essex, Hertfordshire, Surrey, Middlesex andKentis solved quickly and successfully. We can provide moth infestation exterminations in London for domestic properties, businesses, letting agencies and management agencies. Removing moths is important as their larvae can quickly damage soft furnishings, materials and clothing by eating them.

Moth eggs are very small, being under 1mm, and are attached to their surroundings by a glue like substance so that they are difficult to remove. The moth eggs hatch into larvae that then spend their entire time foraging and eating in their preferred conditions of low light. The larvae of moths like to hide into clothing, furniture, and any soft furnishings which they also like to eat their way through. The moth larvae are a pest for people in London and the Home Counties as it can cause plenty of damage to their belongings. The feeding process of the moth larvae can be in less than two months but if the conditions are not favourable the larvae will take longer to feed. Once the moth larvae have had their feed they will then spin a cocoon for a couple of months before transforming into an adult moth. The adult moth does not feed, its sole purpose is to find a mate to reproduce and then die.

The most common signs of moth infestations in London, Essex, Hertfordshire, Surrey, Middlesex andKentare:

– Moths
– Larvae and their cases
– Damage by eating holes to soft furnishing and clothing

Imperial Moth Control Londoncan get rid of moths in London for you professionally and efficiently as a full investigation will be done on the infested property and once all the larvae have been located treatment will begin to remove moths in London and the adult moths. The moth exterminators in London remove this pest problem by using chemical treatments and it is important that a professional treatment is undergone to ensure that every possible larvae site is removed. Continued thorough cleaning of your property should deter moths in the future. At Imperial Moth Control London we will help you with your moth problem in London, Essex, Hertfordshire, Surrey, Middlesex andKentrapidly and successfully so contact us straight away.

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