Mouse / Mice control in London

At Imperial Mouse control in London we aim to help with the extermination of mice infestations effectively and efficiently from residential and business properties. Our mice treatment service in London is professional to ensure your rodent problem in London is over quickly and successfully. We provide rodent infestation eradication and prevention in London for domestic properties, businesses, letting agencies and management agencies. Imperial Mouse Control London can provide contracts to remove mouse infestations and prevent them from occurring again for commercial businesses and domestic properties. Removing vermin is important to ensure a healthy living and working environment.

The Most Common Mouse in London
The most common of the mice in London is the common house mouse (Mus
musculus) which falls under the rodent order. This particular rodent is normally viewed as vermin as they let off a distinctive odour in their nests, cause havoc with their gnawing and carry wide ranges of diseases through their droppings and parasites which can be past onto household pets and humans.

The most common signs of mice infestations are:
– Droppings
– Holes
– Gnawing damage
– Tracks
– Mouse noises
– Smeared smudges
– Nests
– Dead and/or live mice

Mouse Treatment in London:
It is important to get the removal of mice in your London property done as vermin cause damage to properties and spread diseases. Imperial Mouse control London aims to eradicate mice problems in London; our mice exterminators get rid of the rodents in London by laying poison and traps in your domestic or business property. We want to ensure that the vermin problem removal for you is done professionally to ensure they are exterminated and mice infestations prevented in the future. Rodent traps and poisons allow efficient and quick extermination of mice in London. Our Mouse control London will remove mice caught in traps and mice exterminated by poison.

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