Just How Similar Are Rats and Mice?

Just How Similar Are Rats and Mice?

When it comes to pests in your home, you should know everything about them that you can. After all, knowing what they do and do not like may help you deter them from breaking into your home.  Rats and mice, both common pests, are very unique and should be dealt with differently.


Mice are smaller
Typically, house mice are smaller and can squeeze into tiny spaces and through tiny gaps with ease. Rats are larger in size.

Mice have triangular snouts
Rats have a broader snout, while mice have more triangular shaped snouts.

Mice are timid and empathetic
While you may think about this in terms of pests, mice are very empathetic and can read expressions of other mice and react accordingly. Rats have the ability to do the same, but are not as empathetic as mice.


Both rats and mice are nocturnal, meaning they will be breaking in and sneaking around your home late at night. When dealing with rat or http://www.london-pest-control-london.co.uk/mouse-control-in-london/http://www.london-pest-control-london.co.uk/mouse-control-in-london/ this is important to remember!

Freakishly smart, both rats and mice will figure out ways into your home even after you’ve put obstacles in their way. They love puzzles and games, so they’ll see getting into your protected home as a way of playing and figuring out how to master the puzzle. That’s right, your excellent mouse- and rat-proofing is nothing but a game to them!

Excellent memory
Rats and mice both have excellent memories, even better than that of an elephant!  They’ll remember their route to get to your home (and your fridge). With mice and rat pest control, you need to remember that they are not dumb animals. A professional company is always a good idea to make sure that you get the problem properly dealt with.

Mice and rats are considered loving pets to some, and pests to others. It simply depends on how the homeowner is experiencing the situation. When it comes to pest control, there are many options to look at in order to get these intelligent and loving creatures off of your hands for good. And, now that you know all about them and their strengths, it’ll make the fight between human and rodent much easier for you, and encourage you to use a company who practices humane solutions!

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