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Imperial Flea control London will help to eradicate your flea problem in London efficiently by providing a flea extermination treatment or fumigation service in London to your domestic or commercial property. Fleas can be an annoyance to have due to their biting and at Imperial flea control London we will provide a flea removal service/fumigation service in London to stop this.

Flea Biology
Fleas can typically grow up to 3mm in length and are brown in colour with compressed bodies that enable them to move easily through fur or feather. Their hind legs are large in comparison to their body allowing them to jump to heights of 16cm. Flea eggs are pearly white and oval shaped and about 0.5mm in length with the larva being a typical maggot. Fleas feed on warm blooded animals by piercing their skin and drinking their blood and can survive for up to a year without feeding.

Effects of Fleas in London
The reason that fleas are seen as a pest and in need of removal or fumigation is that they are a parasite. Flea removal is desirable as they offer no benefits for their hosts but do provide annoyance from their bites which cause itching. It is not only their biting which causes flea eradication to be wanted, it is also the threat of the diseases that they carry and that they can transmit parasitic worms which can be transferred to pets and humans. Flea problems in London can be eradicated by Imperial pest control London. Flea Treatments in London: To exterminate flea problems in London, Imperial Flea control London will send to your property a fully trained flea exterminator who will spray the property to get rid of the flea problem from your residential or business property. Imperial Flea control London’s flea extermination service in London will help eradicate the flea problem. Upon inquiring about the flea removal treatment or fumigation service Imperial Flea control London will advise on the full flea removal programme in London and what you will have to do to help with flea prevention in London for the future.

At Imperial Flea control London we have fully trained flea exterminators that can help remove flea infestations for domestic dwellings, businesses, letting agencies and management agencies efficiently.

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