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Cockroach infestations in London are viewed as an unsightly problem to have and
so Imperial Pest Control London will execute the eradication of the infestation of your domestic or commercial property efficiently to help give you a healthy environment. Our cockroach extermination services provide for residential properties, businesses and letting agencies and management agencies by providing extermination and prevention of cockroach infestation contracts.

In London the common cockroach that is encountered is the German cockroach that is tan to light brown with 2 dark parallel streaks from the head to the base of the wings and about 15mm. Although the German cockroach has wings it is unable to maintain flight. Usually the cockroach is found at night and in dark places as it is nocturnal and often the cockroach nests will be in cracks and holes during the day time. As an omnivore the cockroach diet consists of anything it can digest including
fermenting matter, soiled materials, leather, paper, faeces and human food.

Removal of London Cockroach Infestations
The removal of London cockroach infestations is important to human health as cockroaches are carries of diseases (e.g. dysentery, gastroenteritis, typhoid and poliomyelitis) and can contribute to allergic illnesses such as asthma and bronchitis. These diseases carried by cockroaches in London are often spread by the cockroach’s body or droppings.

Signs that there is a London cockroach problem

– Droppings that are like black dust and are less than 1mm wide and vary in length.
– Egg cases and exoskeletons
– An intense infestation will produce a musty, unpleasant odour
– Damage to organic goods
– Dead and live cockroaches

The Problem of Cockroaches in London:
To remove the problem of cockroaches in London is a difficult task and should be carried out by a professional London cockroach exterminator. The treatment of cockroach infestations are made tricky as often cockroach nests are in hard to reach places for insecticides and as the cockroach can reproduce very efficiently it can be difficult to eradicate cockroaches in London. Imperial pest control London recommends an intensive cockroach eradication treatment in London. Firstly, a full inspection will be carried out at night to understand the level of the cockroach problem. A high level of hygiene is of the utmost importance to control cockroaches in London as to prevent cockroaches from gaining access to food and water to increase the cockroach activity so to increase the chances of the cockroaches of coming into contact with the insecticide. The treatment of insecticide should continue until all the egg cases of the cockroaches have hatched and so regular treatments to control cockroach levels are required until the level of the cockroach infestation is under control. Sticky traps are also used to aid removal of cockroach infestation by placing them in places which a cockroach is most likely to travel. Imperial pest control London also recommends continued treatments to exterminate cockroaches in London in less frequent intervals after the infestation levels have dropped to prevent the cockroach population of rising. Imperial pest control London can help you get rid of cockroach problems.

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