Bed Bug control in London / Bed Bug Removal in London
London is riddled with bed bug infestations due to the close proximity of people and their dwellings and being a fast paced international city. Imperial Pest Control London can provide extermination of bed bug infestations professionally for your satisfaction and well being. We provide Bed Bug treatments in London for this parasitic insect problem in London for domestic and business properties
as well as for letting agencies and management agencies.

The common bed bug (Cimex lectularius) was almost eradicated in the developed world in the 1940s but due to more extensive human international travel the bed bug problem in London has increased dramatically since the 1990s. As a parasite the bed bug offers no benefit for the host but only an array of problems such as skin rashes, allergies and psychological problems. The preferred host to the parasitic bed bug in London is the human although will feed on other warm blooded animals. Bed bugs often feed at night which then leaves irritable bite marks and specs of blood on bed sheets. The female bed bug can lay around 200-500 eggs and hatch in 17 days making for rapid infestation growth.

Causes for bed bug infestations:
– Bed bugs and bed bug eggs can be brought in from other infested areas by travelling guest’s clothing, pets of luggage.
– An item brought in may already be infested, such as a sofa or suitcase.
– Wild animals that may be playing host to bed bugs in London.
– Visiting infested areas (underground, cinema, café) and then carry them in on clothing or luggage.

Signs of a bed bug problem:
– Bed bug bites and skin rashes
– Small dark spec like droppings often near the nest
– Blood specs on sheets
– Moulted exoskeletons
Bed bug nests often with tiny white adhesive eggs found in tiny crevices near, around and on the bed or in the mattress or in other soft furnishings in which their host often visits.

Bed Bug Control London
The treatment of the removal of bed bugs in London by Imperial pest control London involves an extensive spraying of bed bug poison in the whole domestic or business property and the laundry of all clothes and soft furnishings at a high temperature. Full details of the service that Imperial Pest control London’s bed bug exterminators provide is given when an enquiry is made. The getting rid of bed bugs in London in residential and commercial properties can often require follow up treatments to exterminate bed bugs in London that might have been picked up again due to the ever posing high risk of re-catching bed bugs when out and about in the highly bed bug infested city of London. A contract to ensure the continuing eradication and prevention of bed bug infestations in London is sometimes recommended.

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